Why has a subscriber opened my campaign multiple times?

It's not an uncommon occurrence to go through your campaign reports and realize that a user has opened your email marketing campaign several times. So it's only logical to ask yourself why this is happening.

We'd like to think that your subscribers love your campaigns so much that they feel urged to open them once and then came back for more!  

But if you're certain this is not the case then feel secure in the explanation that many of your recipients might be using a "Preview Panel" option in their email accounts (this is a common option in various email service providers). Using the preview panel option, every time your recipient's mouse scrolls over your campaign sitting in their inbox, the campaign's images are downloaded for the preview, and this is recorded as a Campaign Open in Moosend. 

Don't get alarmed! These "opens" are only recorded in Total Opens, but not included in Unique Opens, so you still have a great and viable metric to check your campaign's performance!