Can I see how many recipients have clicked on a specific link?

Moosend offers countless different options when it comes to getting reports about your email marketing campaigns. Checking how many of your subscribers were interested in a specific link is just one of the different report choices available. 

Let's see how you can check how many subscribers clicked on a specific link inside your campaign and also look at some of the other options available in the reporting section of our platform.

Just follow the steps below:

A. Finding Link Performance

1. Click on the Reports button, located on the left side of your Dashboard page. Link Performance Report Step 1 : Click on the Reports button

2. Click on the name of the campaign that contains the link you want to check. Link Performance Report 2 : Select an email marketing campaign

3. Click on the Link Performance option on the vertical bar that appears. Link Performance Report Step 3 : Click on the Link Performance button

B. Navigating the Click map

4. Make sure you're on the Click map tab. Link Performance Report Step 4 : Click on the Click map tab

As you can readily see on the tab, the Click map is comprised by your campaign content and overlaid are indications on how many clicks each link received.

5. Look at the numbers inside the various blue bubbles, located over the newsletter's available links. Link Performance Report Step 5 : Check the Click Map report to see how  each link performed

The bubble size and number is an indication of how many times the link corresponding to it has been clicked by your subscribers.

C. Performance per link

6. Click on the Performance per link tab. Link Performance Report Step 6 : Click on the performance per link tab

The Performance per link list shows you how many clicks each link from your campaign has received. The list contains all unique links of the campaign.

7. Look at the green bar-graph beside each link on the list. Link Performance Report Step 7 : Check the Unique and Total Clicks for each link

The graph contains both Unique Clicks and Total Clicks. Specifically, Unique Clicks correspond to the light-green-coloured part of the graph, whereas Total Clicks correspond to the dark-green-coloured part. The two numbers that appear inside the light green part of the graph, inform you of the number of Unique/Total clicks respectively.

D. Recipient Clicks

8. Click on the Recipient Clicks tab. Link Performance Report Step 8 : Click on the Recipient Clicks tab

The Recipient Clicks option shows you how each recipient has interacted with the links inside your campaign.

9. Look at the list located on the tab.  Link Performance Report Step 9 : Check the stats for the recipients' clicks

It comprises of three parts: the first column shows the email of the recipient who clicked on a link, the second column shows the link URL on which they clicked and the third column shows how many times they clicked in total.

You now have knowledge of three additional tools located in your vast reporting tool-set and you're ready to maximize the performance of your campaigns and put this newfound knowledge of analytics to practice. But before you do that, make sure to also take a peek on how Moosend helps you track the most popular links on a campaign you have sent.