How can I find the recipients who haven't opened a specific campaign?

Using our new UI? You might want to check this help article instead.

Moosend's segmentation filtering option is really powerful, offering various criteria to choose from when you create segments to better target your email marketing campaigns. You can use the advanced segmentation options to find all the information that will help you make your campaigns more efficient.

If for instance, you want to find which subscribers of a particular list have not opened a specific email campaign, all you have to do is follow the instructions below and create a segment of that list that only contains those recipients.


1. Click on the Mailing lists button, located at the left side of your Moosend Account.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_1_new.png



2. Click on the name of the mailing list you wish to work with.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_2_new.png



3. Click on the Segments button, located on the vertical bar that appears.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_3_new.png



4. Click on the Create Segment button.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_4_new.png



5. Tap on the Create custom segment button.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_5_new.png 



6. Type in the name of your segment on the Segment Name field.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_6_new.png

Make sure that you give your segment an appropriate name and that it will be easy to remember.


7. Choose the All option on both of the drop-down menus below your Segment Name.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_7_new.png

Later on, when you set which criteria need to be fulfilled, your segment will contain all the recipients who match your criteria.


8. Click on the Add Criteria button, to create the criteria by which your segment will be defined.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_8_new.png



9. Select the Specific Campaign Opened option, on the first drop-down menu.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_9_new.png



10. Select the is not option, on the second drop-down menu.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_10_new.png



11. Choose the campaign in question from the drop-down list.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_11_new.png

The campaigns are listed from most to least popular.


12.Click on the Save segment button.How_can_I_find_the_recipients_who_haven_t_opened_a_specific_campaign_12_new.png


You have just created a segment that contains all the list members that haven't opened the specific email campaign you chose. However, you can always send them a more personal newsletter. See how to make your campaigns more personal by adding personalization tags.