Cross-list segmentation made easy with “Fields from another Mailing List”

Our world-class segmentation feature now gives you the option to bring Fields from another mailing list when creating segments of your mailing list. This allows for cross-list segmentation!

Not too excited yet? Using cross-list segmentation criteria means you can segment the contents of your mailing list based on criteria spanning across multiple lists on your account - you can segment the members of one list with information that exist in another list. How cool is that?! 

Let's say you have a mailing list named "Contest" with a custom field named "Date of birth" where you store the birth-date of your list subscribers. You also have another mailing list, called "Main Site" where you only store the name of each subscriber. When its time to send a Happy Birthday campaign to your "Main Site" list, using cross-list segmentation you'll be able to match the recipients that exist in both lists, get their names and include their "Date of birth" information. Enhance this feature with our existing expression language tools (nested ANDs and ORs) and you end up with a very powerful segmentation tool indeed. 

Cross List segmentation : Choose custom field from another email marketing mailing list

Check what this powerful segmentation tool, now at your disposal, can do for you!