When are bounce reports completed?

There are two types of bounces that might occur when you send out your email campaign to a list of recipients:

  • Hard bounces appear within minutes after the delivery of the campaign, as the recipient’s email client (re: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) hastily sends a message informing that the campaign you sent out could not be delivered.

  • Soft bounces require 1 to 2 days to appear! A soft bounce might occur due to a temporary issue, which means that Moosend will try to send the same email to the particular recipient 4 times. If the recipient’s email provider keep returning a negative delivery, then the recipient's email address is determined as a hard bounce and the address is automatically removed from your mailing lists.

This means that statistics regarding bounces will be completed approximately 2 to 4 days after the campaign was initially sent out. This is something you should keep in mind!

To see the reports on bounces follow the steps described below:

1. Click on the Reports button, located on the left side of your Dashboard page. 

2. Click on the name of the campaign whose performance you want to check. 

3. Click on the Recipient Activity tab on the left side menu.

4. Click on Bounced  to view a list of bounced members.

5. Click on the "three dots" icon at the top right of the list of bounced members, to send the list to your account email as a csv file, or to download it as a pdf (choose your preferred format from the drop-down menu).

Note that the pdf option downloads the members of the list currently displayed on the page you are viewing, whereas the csv option sends you the full list of bounced members.