How can I get a more accurate Open Rate tracking?

In a previous article we discussed how Moosend tracks and counts the Open Rate of your newsletter campaigns: every time someone opens one of your campaigns, the open-tracker pixel we place inside your HTML gets "activated" and that is how a campaign open gets tracked. However for this to occur the recipients must have opted to display the images contained in the newsletter they received, as email services providers (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook etc) give them the option not to display images, in which case the campaign open will not be tracked.


A. Get better tracking

To display the images inside your newsletter is to download them. So unless the recipients allow for the downloading of your campaign content, they will only get to see the text part of your newsletter. To this end, we strongly urge you to send an email, alongside the activation email, asking every new subscriber to add your email address to their safe senders list or their address book.

By doing this, images inside your newsletter will automatically appear each time your recipients open your campaigns and each open will get tracked by us. Everyone wins!

B. Secure your content's viewability 

The above method allows you to achieve a more accurate open rate tracking, which means your performance evaluation is based on the most accurate statistics possible. This advice is even more prevalent if you prefer to only use images inside your HTML without any text, which means that any of your recipients not allowing image downloads will only see a blank page when previewing your newsletter.

To get them to click on the Display Images button that will allow your content to get downloaded, it is best to include an engaging text along with your campaign’s images! So don't shy away from combining plain text, images and HTML inside your campaigns. This attracts the interest of those recipients who block images by default.