Can I change the name of a campaign?

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It's possible to change the name of an email marketing campaign that you have previously created, on the condition that its Status is still on "Draft". The campaign's name is there for your convenience, as an easy identifier for your reference. So the best practice is to name your campaign in a way that will help you find the campaign when you need to after it has been dispatched.

If it's still on "Draft" you can change its name, using the following steps:

1. Click on the Campaigns button, located on the left side of your Control Panel page. Change Campaign Name Step 1 : Click on the Campaigns button

2. Click on the name of the campaign whose name you want to change. Change Campaign Name Step 2 : Select an email marketing campaign

You will be redirected to the Snapshot page, containing the summary of all the steps of the Campaign Creation Wizard. As explained earlier, if the campaign status is not indicated as "Draft", you won't be able to reach a Snapshot page as the option to edit the campaign creation steps is no longer available. 

3. Click on the Campaign Settings button on the vertical bar that appears. change-campaign-name-3.png

4. Type in a new name for your campaign in the corresponding field.change-campaign-name-4.png

5. Click the Next button to continue the process of creating your campaign, or click the Save as draft button to apply the changes you just made without moving to the next step. Change Campaign Name Step 5 : Click on the Next button