Can I see if anyone has forwarded my newsletter?

Being able to track email forwarding can be a very powerful metric, because it shows that people found the content of your newsletter interesting enough to warrant recommending it to one or more of their acquaintances!

It's easy to place and to style a Forward to a Friend link inside your campaigns. After you have placed such a link inside your campaign, you can quickly get insight on who forwarded your campaign to their peers following the procedure described below:

1. Click on the Reports button, located on the left side of your Dashboard page. Track Forwards Step 1 : Click on the Reports button

2. Click on the name of the campaign whose performance you want to view. Track Forwards Step 2 : Select an email marketing campaign

You will be transferred to the Campaign Overview page.

3. Click on the Forwarded metric. Track Forwards Step 3 : Check the Forwarded Metric and click to see a list of members

This metric gives you insight on how many of your recipients forward your campaign to their circle and contains a full list of the people who forwarded your campaign.