How do I create a new Email Marketing Campaign?

Creating your email marketing campaign with Moosend is super easy!!

There are 7 very simple steps in the campaign creation process, all explained in the picture below.

Create Campaign Steps Overview

Let's create your campaign! Are you ready?

First click on the Create campaign button next to your account logo.

Create Campaign Step 1 : Create new Campaign


Step 1: Choose type and Sender

On the first step you can pick the campaign type of your newsletter. You have two options regarding the type of your campaign. Those are the Regular Campaign and the A/B Split Campaign type. In this example, we are going to create a Regular campaign. Click on the link to see how you can create an A/B Split Campaign.

Click on the Regular Campaign tab as highlighted below.

Create Campaign Step 2 : Click on the Regular Campaign tab

Next, fill in the following fields:

• the Campaign Name, which is only for internal use, so that you can remember your campaign,

• the Subject of your campaign. This is the subject title that will appear in your recipients' inbox,

• the Sender. Select one of the Senders you have previously set up. Your campaign will be sent from this email and name. 

• the Reply-to address. Select one of the Senders you have previously set up. This email address is the one that will be receiving the subscribers’ replies to your email campaign.

Create Campaign Step 3 : Fill in the fields

Check the boxes to track your Campaign in Google Analytics and to enable click tracking with Moosend. You can read here how you can add the Google analytics in your campaigns. And you can also choose to not let Moosend track the link clicks, if you do not wish to have link tracking at all.

Create Campaign Step 4 : Enable Google Analytics and click tracking

Click Next to continue to the next steps of your campaign creation.

Create Campaign Step 5 : Click Next



Step 2:  Select Mailing List

The next step is to define the recipients. Select the Mailing Lists to send your campaign to, from the lists you have created. You can choose more than one mailing lists and select to either use the entire list that you have chosen, or send your campaign to a segment of this list.

Create Campaign Step 6 : Select your mailing lists

If you have already created a segment of your list, you can choose here the name that you used to identify the segment.

Create Campaign Step 7 : Select segment or an entire mailing list

If you have not created any yet, you can very easily Create a New Segment by clicking on the link.

Click Next, to continue.

Create Campaign Step 8 : Click Next



Step 3: Select the Format of this campaign

Next step is to select the format of the campaign. You can use plain text only, or you can use a combination of HTML and plain text. You can choose whichever you prefer, but it is highly recommended that you use the HTML and plain text format so that you have more accurate reporting.

After you have chosen the format of your campaign, click Next to continue.

Create Campaign Step 9 : Choose Format and click Next



Step 4: Define Content

The time has come to define the content of your amazing newsletter.

Click on the link to learn all the details regarding how you can import your campaign content.

Your first option, in case you have coded an HTML newsletter is to Import or Browse it. 

Click on the Import Campaign tab, as highlighted in the picture below and select one the of the two options to define the content of your campaign. 

Create Campaign Step 10 : Click on the Import campaign tab

Your second option is to use are super powerful Campaign Editor by selecting the right tab. You can click on the link to learn how you can use Moosend's template editor to quickly and easily design your newsletter.

Create Campaign Step 11 : Click on the Campaign Editor tab

You can also make any changes necessary in the coding of the HTML, or you can add any personalization tags to your campaign, for instance the Recipient’s name or email address, or the Facebook Share link etc. Click on the link to learn more about personalization tags and how it can boost your email campaigns.

Click Next to continue.



Step 5: Spam and Delivery test

At this point you have two options: you can send a sample of your campaign to a list of email addresses to test design and delivery. This means you can check how your campaign displays, before it reaches your recipients’ inbox, by sending a test to a list of maximum 5 email addresses separated by commas.

Create Campaign Step 12 : Send test mail

Or you can create a Content Spam test. By testing the content, you can make sure your campaign passes all the popular spam filters set by email clients. Our spam testing tool lets you make sure your newsletter will not end up in your recipients' junk folder. You'll get all this with just one click on Get Spam report button.

Create Campaign Step 13 : Get Spam Report

You can also click on the Skip Test button if you wish to proceed without any test.



Step 6: Schedule Campaign Delivery

You have almost completed the procedure of creating your campaign. It is now time to schedule the delivery of your campaign, and you can either ask us to Deliver the campaign immediately, or schedule it to be Delivered at the following time. Set an email address to inform you when the procedure is complete. If you decide to schedule your campaign for 16:00 o' clock and your timezone is GMT+1, then your campaign will be sent at 17:00 o' clock. Complete with the information required: Time of delivery, your time zone and where to send a confirmation to, when the procedure is completed and your e-mail campaign is sent. Click here to read more on how to schedule your campaign to be sent later.

Create Campaign Step 14 :Schedule your campaign delivery

Select Next and you are quite ready.



Step 7: Snapshot

Last but not least, on step 7 you see a Snapshot with all the details of your campaign. All the settings and details of your newsletter campaign is right here.  Choose Preview to see the campaign once more, and press Send to have your amazing campaign sent to the world!

Create Campaign Step 15 : Check your campaign Snapshot

Good luck with your campaign reporting!