How can I easily track the most popular links that are clicked on my newsletter?

There are two fast and easy ways for you to track the most popular links for a specific email marketing campaign you have sent.

Just follow the steps described in this article.

First, click on the Reports button, on the vertical menu of your control panel page.

Most Popular Links 1 : Click on the Reports button

Next, click on the name of the campaign that contains the link, of which the performance you want to check.

Just click on the name of the campaign on the list.

Most Popular Links 2 : Select an email marketing campaign

Next, click on the Link Performance option on the vertical bar that will appear.

Most Popular Links Step 3 : Click on the Link Performance button

One of the options you have to check on your campaign's most popular links, is the Click Map.

The Click Map allows you to see the content of your newsletter campaign along with indications on how many clicks each link has received. To see the corresponding Click Map report of your campaign just click on the Click Map tab as highlighted on the image below.

Most Popular Links Step 4 : Click on the Click map tab

You will notice, that there are some bubbles on the original newsletter content that correspond to the links that have been clicked. Inside those bubbles there is a number, indicating how many time this link has been clicked. As you can imagine, the most popular ones are the ones with the bigger bubbles and the larger numbers inside them.

Just as shown in the next picture below. Easy right?

Most Popular Links Step 5 : Check the Click Map report to see how  each link performed

Another option you have when reporting your campaign's link performance, is the Performance per Link. That means, that you can see how many clicks (unique/total) a link has received, in a list which contains all unique links of the specific campaign.

To see the Performance per Link report of your campaign, you have to simply click on the Performance per Link tab.

Most Popular Links Step 6 : Click on the performance per link tab

The links are sorted in order of popularity and each link on the list has its own graph showing the Unique and Total Clicks. 

Most Popular Links Step 7 : Check the Unique and Total Clicks for each link

You can see that the Unique Clicks correspond to the light green color of the graph, while the Total Clicks correspond to the dark green color. 

Most Popular Links Step 8 : The ligh green color of the graph depicts the Unique Clicks while the Total clicks are depicted with the dark green color

Who would have thought that checking your campaigns' performance would be so easy?