How can I track the most popular links being clicked on my newsletter?

If you aim to increase the impact of your email marketing campaigns and grab the attention of your newsletter recipients, it's always a good idea to check which parts of your previous campaigns stood out for your audience.

Moosend gives you a lot of insight on your most popular links! So much so, that you can get to know your subscribers extremely well and make your campaigns truly relevant to them.

To check how your campaign openers reacted to your campaign just follow the steps described below:

1. Click on the Reports button, located on the left side of your Dashboard page. Most Popular Links 1 : Click on the Reports button

2. Click on the name of the campaign whose performance you want to check. Most Popular Links 2 : Select an email marketing campaign

3. Choose the Link Performance option on the vertical bar that appears. Most Popular Links Step 3 : Click on the Link Performance button

4. Click on the Click Map tab to see the relevant report. Most Popular Links Step 4 : Check the Click Map report to see how  each link performed

The Click Map allows you to see the content of your newsletter campaign along with indications on how many clicks each link has received. The bubbles that appear over your original content correspond to the links that have been clicked; inside these bubbles there is a number, indicating how many times each link has been clicked. The most popular links are the ones with the larger bubbles and the larger numbers inside!

5. Click on the Performance per Link tab to see the relevant report. 
Most Popular Links Step 5 : Click on the performance per link tab

The Performance per Link report allows you to see how many clicks (unique clicks VS total clicks) each link has received, in the form of a list containing all the unique links of this particular campaign. Notice how the links are sorted in order of popularity and how each one has its own bar graph showing both Unique Clicks (in light green) and Total Clicks (in dark green).

6. Click on the Recipients Click tab to see the relevant report.
Most Popular Links Step 6 : Click on the recipients click tab

Here you can see a cross examination of how each recipient reacted to each specific link inside your campaign. Chances are that the higher the click count the more interested the recipient was on the content relevant to that link!