How can I change my credit card or Paypal details?

To change your credit card or Paypal details follow the steps below!

First and foremost, please be notified that to change your credit card info it is best to to do it a few days before your billing plan is automatically paid. To do so, just follow the same procedure you would be asked to in order to purchase your billing plan.

First, click on the Billing button on the vertical menu of your control panel page.

Change Credit Card Info Step 1 : Click on the Billing button on the menu

Next, click on the Monthly Plan & Credits option that will appear on the vertical bar next to the menu.

Change Credit Card Info Step 2 : Click on the Monthly plan and credits

In this next page, you can choose your Monthly or Pay as you go plan.

Just select the option that best fits your needs.

You can read a little bit more about our pricing plans here, before you decide which one works best for you.

Once you have chosen your Plan, check the Terms & Conditions check box.

Change Credit Card Info Step 3 : Check the box to accept the terms and conditions

Then, click on the Process button.

Change Credit Card Info Step 4 : Click the Process button

You will be now redirected to the payment page.

You can see a summary of your previous billing plan as well as the plan you have picked and its price.

Click on the "Change Payment" link as highlighted in the picture below.

Change Credit Card Info Step 5 : Click the Change payment link

You can select if you want to pay with a Credit Card or with your PayPal account just by clicking on the corresponding tab, as highlighted in the following picture.

Change Credit Card Info Step 6 : Click on the credit card or paypal tab

Fill in you contact and billing information and then Confirm or Update Subscription, depending on which payment option you have chosen.

Change Credit Card Info Step 7 : Fill in the new credit card details and then confirm  Change Credit Card Info Step 8 : Fill in the new paypal details and then confirm

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