How can I import my campaigns?

Using our new UI? You might want to check this help article instead.


Are you worried about how you can import the content of your email marketing campaigns? Don't be!
Moosend offers you several options to choose from, depending on what suits you best.

You can start by checking out our amazing Campaign Editor which helps you design stylish newsletters with ease. However, if that's not what you're looking for, feel free to pull your campaign from an internet link, import it as a file from your computer or even grab your old campaigns from a different platform.

Let's go through your options one by one:

A. Using the Campaign Editor

If you're looking for superb and elaborately customized results, you totally want to use Moosend's powerful Campaign Editor - particularly if you enjoy CSS and HTML. Or especially if CSS and HTML are not among your strongest skills! Campaign Editor is super easy to use for beginners, but remains highly sophisticated and practical for power users. You'll find it on the Create Template step of the Campaign Creation process. 

Just click on the Take me to the Editor button, located on the Use Campaign Editor tab. 

B. Importing campaigns from a link

If you already have your campaign uploaded on a server you can easily import it to Moosend, directly from the internet, with just a few clicks! Copy & paste the address of your campaign into the Link to your campaign field, click the Import button and let Moosend do the rest.


C. Importing campaigns from a file

You might prefer to design the content of the campaign on your computer and save the file as an HTML file. That's great! Make sure that you zip your HMTL file along with all the pictures associated with the newsletter that you designed. During the Create Template step of the Campaign Creation process, you'll have to click on the Browse button, choose the appropriate zip file from your computer and click on Import.


D. Pasting your HTML code

In addition to the above options you can also paste your HTML code directly to Moosend. During the Create Template step of the Campaign Creation process, you can paste your code on the available space and then click on the Import button.

E. Using the Mailchimp Synchronizer

Do you have campaigns saved as drafts on your Mailchimp account ? No worries. Use our Synchronizer to synchronize your Moosend account to your old Mailchimp account and to bring over both the campaigns you have previously sent out, as well as your draft campaigns. You can also import your campaign senders and pick up your mailing lists before closing the door on your way out!