How to Import your campaigns

With Moosend there are three ways of importing the content of your email marketing campaigns.

The first one is by importing the campaign from a link on the internet, the second is by importing the campaign from a file in your computer and the third one is to use our amazing Campaign Editor.


Importing from a link on the internet:

In order to import your campaign from the internet, you must upload your campaign to a server. Then you can import the campaign with just three clicks. Copy and paste the address of your campaign into the Link to your campaign field , click the Import button and let us do the rest. 

 Import Campaign Content : Import campaign using URL


Importing from a file in your computer:

Once you have finished the design of the campaign, you can save the file in your computer as an HTML file. It is very important that you zip your HMTL file including all the pictures associated with the newsletter. Then all you have to do is to clcik on Browse and then select the file from your computer.

Import Campaign Content : Import campaign from a .zip file on your computer


Use our Campaign Editor:

For more elaborate and even more customized results, your can use Moosend's powerful Campaign Editor, especially if CSS and HTML are not among your strongest skills!

All you have to do is click on the Use Campaign Editor tab and the the Try our new Campaign Editor button, right below the tabs.

Import Campaign Content : Create your campaign on our drag and drop Campaign Editor