Top 3 reasons your emails could Bounce

After your freshly dispatched email marketing campaign is out in the wild, it might come to your attention that your email marketing report indicates that some of the email addresses to which you have just sent your newsletter are now considered as Bounced

While email bounces occur for various reasons, they can dramatically affect your reputation, which means that if you don't take them seriously an increasing number of bounced email addresses in your recipient list may eventually damage your deliverability. Being proactive about bounces is probably a good idea, if you want to make sure that your campaigns reach the all inboxes they should!

Let's examine the top 3 reasons why an email may be considered as Bounced: 

A. Invalid recipient

An invalid recipient address is the most common reason why an email address bounces your campaign back.

If the recipient's address is a professional one, then it's very likely that they have left the organization and can no longer receive emails in the specific email address that they used to sing up for your newsletter. If your recipient has stopped working for the company indicated in the suffix of their email address (re: the moosend part of it's only to be expected that their email address is no longer valid.

B. Non-existent address

An email address may also bounce if it's non existent, meaning that it never existed to begin with so it cannot possible be reached. This is usually due to a misspelling when typing the address during the sign-up process for your newsletter campaigns.

It is also probable that if the email address doesn't seem to have any obvious misspellings, the recipient might have provided a false email address. This is not uncommon if you ask people to provide you their email address in exchange to providing them with an online offer.

C. Full mailbox

Another reason why an email address may bounce your campaign back is because the mailbox behind the address is full. This sounds as physical as it is! A full mailbox doesn't have any available space to receive more emails or your sweet newsletter campaign. No reason to worry though, your campaign will be resent until it either gets delivered (indicating that the mailbox now has some space available to accept more emails) or after a few unsuccessful attempts have been made and the address reaches a hard bounce status meaning it's deemed unreachable.

Your newsletter campaigns deserve to be treated like royalty. That's why it's worth spending some time to clean up your mailing list before you start your email marketing efforts. The Moosend platform will automatically remove bounced email addresses from your lists, to prevent any further damage to your deliverability or sender reputation by accidentally trying to reach out to addresses that can't be reached. You can always revisit all bounced email addresses to check if a typo is the culprit of the bounce. It just might be the case! Before you do it's also worth knowing how to manage Bounces, and getting to know what is the difference between Soft and Hard bounces.