How can I update my mailing list ?

It is highly suggest that you consider adding a subscription form on your website and linking it to your Moosend account - that way all updates and changes will automatically be reflected on your mailing lists in Moosend as well. However, if you do prefer to manually update a list by adding new information, do know that the update process is so easy you'll be tempted to add every new thing you can, as soon as it happens!

The process of updating your mailing list is  e x a c t l y  the same as adding members to it. The range of options available is there to accommodate your different needs and how exactly you prefer to perform the update:

When you use the import processes to update your mailing list, Moosend will recognize if an email on your new list corresponds to an existing list member of your mailing list and it will make sure to update it with the new information that you provide!

After the update process is completed you can check the results by clicking on the Import Members menu button and then on the respective View reports button right next to the update method you used.

With Moosend there are several ways for your to update your Email Marketing Mailing Lists

You can find when each process was Started On, when it was Finished On, the number of new members Added, the number of members that were Updated, as well as downloadable detailed Reports.