What is the Time Interval Control Step and how can I use it in a workflow ?

Moosend's time bending capabilities allow you to influence your automation's future right now! We'd like to believe that our time interval offerings would even make Mr. Einstein proud, but in truth there's no reason to trouble yourself with his "Theory of Relativity" - the Moosend workflow builder makes things far too easy.

After having created your automation's trigger you will have the option to add time intervals at any intersection of your workflow. You would usually add them between different actions of your workflow so as to time them perfectly, but you can use them any way you see fit.

To set an appointment in time for one of your automation's steps just do the following:

1. Click on the + symbol available on any intersection of your automation workflow.
Wait interval control Step 1 : Click on the + symbol

2. Choose the Conditional / Control Steps tab.
Wait interval control Step 2 : Choose the Conditional/ Control Steps tab

3. Click on the Wait a specific time interval button.
Wait interval control Step 3 : Click on the wait a specific time interval button

4. Fill-in the Time to wait space with the time interval of your choosing.
Wait interval control Step 4 : Fill in the time to wait space

5. Choose the time measurement from the drop-down menu.
Wait interval control Step 5 : Select the time measurement from the list

You have the following options:

  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days

6. Click on the Save button to add the time interval to your workflow.
Wait interval control Step 6 : Click Save

Time intervals are extremely useful control steps, especially if your automation contains several actions which send emails to your recipients. The time intervals provide breathing space between the various events in your workflow and can easily be fine-tuned to create an organic automation that responds in the most natural way, producing the greatest results!