What is a Moosend Automation ?

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It's impossible to be vigilant 24/7 - some really cool opportunities are bound to be missed as it's impossible to stay on top of everything your subscribers do, while keeping an eye out on everything your site visitors do. Right? Well, no, that's where Moosend Automations come in!

Moosend Automations are a series of automated events based on a specific trigger. A typical example would be having a series of emails sent to a contact as soon as they do something specific - whatever puts the automation in action is what we call a trigger, and it can take many forms, like when someone subscribes to your email marketing list, or when someone purchases a particular product from your website.

Automations are an easy way to engage with your mailing list as you normally would, without having to spend time checking every little thing your subscribers do. The combined forces of our Marketing Automations and Website Tracking will give you the power to send the right message to the right person, at the right time. And as always, all features are available across all pricing plans, even free accounts!

How Automations work

Automations are very simple to make, you set your trigger and the steps that follow it and activate the automation. You have a variety of triggers to choose from, from your own custom fields, to a subscriber's birthday or campaign open, or events that take place on your website, like visits or product purchases.

As soon as the trigger you've set is engaged the steps that follow it take place exactly like you've arranged. So, for example you can design an automation that sends a series of emails whenever one of your subscribers visits a particular page on your website. And this is just the beginning ...

What you can do with Automations

Being able to send out birthday coupons with is just the icing on the cake! Automations can help you streamline your entire communication and reduce the amount of time you spend on creating content. You can also connect your store to Moosend and use automations to:

Where to start 

You can start making your own automation workflow right now! But just in case you need a bit of a shortcut or if you'd prefer to first check a few examples of how Moosend Automations can be put to action, you could take a look at our Automations Recipes.

We created these to reduce your work in half by providing an ever-expanding list of the most sought-after automations, ranging from all-terrain to highly-specific cases, just for you to use or to get inspired by when you need to make your own.

Just click on one of our automation recipes and be prepared for greatness!