How does the "When some people don't click my campaigns" trigger work?

The first thing you need to do when designing your own automation workflows is determine the type of Trigger that will set your automation in motion. There are various types of triggers available - what the "When some people don't open my campaigns" type does is get your automation fired up when some people don't click on a campaign. Please note that the automation will be triggered only for regular campaigns and not for "Automation" campaigns.

There are two parameters that you need to define on this type of trigger:


1. You need to define the time that the workflow will wait before checking for non-clickers of a campaign. 



2. The second parameter has you choose between days / months / years, as a measure of time for the number you typed.

Please note that you may notice a short delay added to the time you selected above.


After you're done, just click on the Save button to have your trigger ready and waiting inside your workflow.


Congratulations, this was your first step on the path to create an automation which will be triggered whenever some people don't click on your campaigns! Learn how to design your own automation from scratch, or move ahead with your current design by learning more about how to use the Conditional / Control steps or how to use Actions.