How can I change the font weight of my text?

Moosend's Landing Page Designer offers endless options form customizing and tweaking your landing page design. From the many available and impressive Elements, to the tiniest of details, we've got you covered!

For example you may wish to change the font weight of your text for a Custom Font.

Let's see how to that!

1. Click on Settings, located on the left side of your Landing Page Designer page.

2. Scroll down and click on the Add Custom Fonts button.

A pop-up menu appears.

3. Browse through the available Custom Font options or use the search bar to locate the Custom Font you want, then click on the Add Fonts button to add it to your design.

4. Click on the Options button available under each Custom Font, to change its Weight. 

A menu of Font Weight options for that specific Custom Font instantly appears. Check the box next to each Font Weight option you want to add as a design option.

B. Applying the Font weight 

1. Click on a text element within your landing page structure to reveal its toolbar.

2. Click on the Edit Html icon located within your text element's toolbar to access the Hmtl code.

3. In the Edit Html pop-up window, simply replace "normal", which is the default font weight setting, with your desired font weight, by typing it directly into the code and then press on the tick button to save your changes.How_can_I_change_the_font_weight_of_my_textb3.png