How can I add a new Custom Domain for the Platform ?

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It is not unreasonable to prefer to have your own custom domain for when you sign in your Moosend account. Optics are everything especially if, for example, you're an agency and want to give account access to your clients - there's no need for Moosend to appear anywhere. That's why we offer you the option to create a custom domain for your Moosend platform, so that it reflects your characteristics and branding!

Create a Platform Custom Domain (CNAME), which will appear as your platform URL and will also be used for most links and URLs associated with your account and any created subaccounts. After this domain is verified, the default domain for your platform will be replaced by it. You may have only one Platform Domain.

Let's see how to add a new Platform Custom Domain:

1. Click on the Settings icon located on the upper right corner of your Moosend account page.

2. Click on Branding &

3. Click on the Add New Custom Domain button.

On this page here, you can see your default Moosend domain as well as the Platform Custom Domain as soon as you add one!

4. Click on the Create button located to the right of the Platform Custom Domain option.

5. Type your desired custom domain into the Custom Domain field, and then click the Create and Verify button.

Note that you cannot use a Moosend Landing Page Custom Domain for your subdomains.

Before making any changes make sure you have access to your domain's DNS records! Your domain name registrar or hosting provider will be able to assist you in finding additional information about your DNS records. 

If your site address is then your Moosend login page is You have to add a CNAME record to your DNS for your domain, a subdomain similar to the example. Whatever your CNAME record is, it will need to point to

6. If the custom domain you have added is already verified, then you can continue personalizing your custom domain! Otherwise, you will be taken to the page pictured below and you will need to click the Verify DNS Record button so that your custom domain can be verified.

Below are some detailed instructions on how to register CNAMES with some of the most popular providers:

7. Alternatively, you can click on the Verify Later button, to verify your custom domain at a later date.

 Please note that you can only add one Platform Custom Domain. Don't forget that you can always add a Custom Domain for your Landing Pages, as well!