What are the different Form Designer Views and how can I use them?

  • The Desktop Form view
    This is the default view of the Form Designer. Edit your chosen subscription form template to your heart's content, until you feel your design perfectly gets your message across to your visitors, compelling them to subscribe!

    To switch to this view, simply click the Desktop Form tab located toward the top of your Designer page.

  • The  Mobile Form view
    The Mobile Form view allows you to edit the mobile version of your subscription form, without affecting the desktop version. 

    To switch to this view, simply click on the Mobile Form tab located towards the top of your Form Designer page.

You can switch back and forth between the two views as many times as you like whilst designing your subscription form, and make whatever adjustments you deem necessary. This way, you can ensure that, no matter what device your visitors are viewing your subscription form on, it always looks flawless!