How can I change the ReCaptcha Settings of my Form inside the Form Designer ?

Let's see how you can do that:

1. Hover over your Form and click on the Settings icon to display its settings on the left side of your Form Designer page.

2. Scroll down until your find the ReCaptcha Settings option, then click on it to expand its menu.

3. The first thing you need to do is Enable ReCaptcha, by checking the appropriate box next to it. Once you have done this, a ReCaptcha Placeholder field appears, below your Form's text field and above your Form's Button.

You then have the following choices to make concerning your ReCaptcha:

  • ReCaptcha Alignment
    You have three options from the drop-down menu, depending on whether you want your ReCaptcha to 'sit' towards the Left, the Center or the Right. The default positioning when you enable ReCaptcha is in the center, but the choice is yours depending on how you would prefer it to look!

  • Margin Top
    Use this option to choose the distance between the form's text field and the ReCaptcha. You can do this either by using the up/down arrows, or by typing the desired number directly into the area next to the arrows.

  • Margin Bottom
    This distance enables you to select the desired distance between your ReCaptcha and your Button. Use the up/down arrows until your are satisfied with how it looks; alternatively, type the appropriate value directly into the area next to arrows.