What is the Padding and how can I use it to design my subscription form?

Depending on the Template you select for your subscription form, your form will have a specific structure made up of Containers and Elements. Each Container you use comes with its own fully customizable group of Container settings. One of the most useful options contained in the settings is the Padding option.

Let's see what it does:

1. Click on the Settings symbol, that appears when you place your mouse over the Container, to open the Container settings.

Make sure that you've chosen a Container that has at least one type of Element in it. This way you'll be able to clearly discern how changing the Padding option actually affects the look of your landing page design.

2. Click on the up/down arrows, located next to the Padding setting on the left side of your Form Designer page, to set the Padding value. Alternatively, you can type in the exact Padding number of your choice in the available field.

The value has a range from 0 up to 2000 pixels. Increasing the amount increases the left and right lining of the particular row and subsequently decreases the space available for the row's slots.

3. Clicking on the lock icon reveals a menu consisting of additional Padding options: namely, Padding Top, Padding Bottom, Padding Left and Padding Right.  Use the up/down arrows in each field to select the desired amount of padding at the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right of each row. As before, you may also choose to type the appropriate number directly into the area next to the arrows.

Now that you're familiar with how the padding of each row works, make sure you take advantage of it to tweak your design and make it look amazing!