What are the Subscription Form Designer General Settings and how can I use them?

Let's see how deep you can go:

A. General Settings

1. Click on the Settings button, located on the left side of your Form Designer page.

2. Click on the up/down arrows of the Content Width field to increase or decrease the width of your subscription form.

You can also type in the exact number inside the Content Width field - the maximum value for a Modal Pop-up form is 1000px and for a Floating Bar form is 1200px.

3. Use the up/down arrows  in the Content Border Radius field to set the border radius of your content at your desired value.

You can also type the desired value directly into the Content Border Radius field.

4. Click on the Border Width option and use the up/down arrows to specify the width of your subscription form's border.
You can also type the desired number directly into the Border Width field.

5. Click on the Border Color option to select whichever color you prefer for your subscription form's border, out a of a color palette.

The default border color is black but you can choose whichever color fits your design better.

6. Click on the Background Color option, to choose the color of your subscription form's background out of a color palette.

The default background color is transparent, but you can choose whichever color works best for your design!

7. Click on the Overlay Color & Transparency field to specify the color of the overlay and how transparent you would like it to be, using the color palette and transparency bar.

8. Click on the Upload Background Image button, to browse on your computer for the image you want to upload as your Background Image.

Alternatively you can use the Or enter URL... field to grab the image from the internet. After uploading an image the additional options Replace Image and Remove Image will appear, as well as the Background repeat option.

9. Click on the Background repeat drop-down menu to choose the way that you want the background image to be repeated throughout the subscription form canvas.

The default option is the no-repeat. You can choose to repeat the image on the horizontal (repeat-x), the vertical (repeat-y) or both horizontal and vertical axes (repeat), so that you can easily fill up the background space with an image of your choosing. Selecting the Full Width option means that the background image will take up the full width of the form.

10. Click on the Replace Image button, to browse for a different image and replace the one you've already uploaded.

11. Click on the Remove Image button, to completely remove the image you've uploaded. 

 12. Click on the Add Custom Fonts button to browse, and select from, an array of different custom fonts to add to your subscription form design.

13. Alternatively, you can also use the search tab to look for a particular font you would like to use in your subscription form design.