How can I re-add the element I deleted on my form inside the Form Designer ?

Moosend's Form Designer is a super-powerful tool enabling you to create stylish and effective subscription forms with ease! The Designer's Template library provides you with various types of Templates, so that you can select the one most suited to your needs. Moreover, you also have tons of flexibility to tweak and adjust your selected template as you see fit. One of the adjustments you can make is deleting or re-adding the elements included in your design.

Let's take a look at an example of this:

Suppose you decided to remove (or, more precisely, hide) one of the text elements in your design.

1. Hover over the element you wish to remove and the click on the trashcan icon that appears above it.

The element is now hidden from the design and is also unchecked in the elements list on the left side of your Designer page.

2. To re-add the element, simply re-check the appropriate box next to it in the elements list on the left.
The element is visible once more.

You can delete and re-add any element as many times as you want!

3. Clicking the Settings icon to the right of your Text element (and any other element within your design) displays its settings on the left side of your Designer page, so that you can make any adjustments you like to it!


Now, let's look at another a different way of removing an element:

Let's assume you want to remove the image element from your form:

1. Click on Elements, located on the left side of your Form Designer page.
A list of all the elements included in your design appears on the left side of your Designer page.

2. Scroll down to the Image element and then click on the box on its left to uncheck it.
SF_Re-Add_Element_5.pngThe element immediately disappears from view.

3. To re-add the element, go to the Elements list once more and re-check the box next to the element.SF_Re-Add_Element_6.png

The element appears once more!