What reporting can I get from my subscription form?

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Moosend's subscription forms can provide you with a wealth of information concerning visitors to your page, which you can then use to your benefit in future marketing endeavors. Once you have created your subscription form, you will be able to gain valuable information on how effective it actually is. 

Let's take a look at the types of reporting available from your subscription form:

1. Click on the Lead Generation tab, located on the left side of your Moosend account page.

2. Click on the Subscription Forms tab.

Once you are in the Subscription Forms menu, you can see all of your existing subscription forms. The details about each subscription form appear right next to the subscription form name, as below.

You have the following information available to you:

  • Impressions
    The number of people who have seen your subscription form at least once.
  • Conversions
    The number of people who fill out the subscription form; in other words, the number of conversions on the subscription form.
  • Conversion %
    The rate of conversions on your subscription form.

Used correctly, this type of information can support and enhance your marketing efforts, and help you to boost your sales. If you think you need to make adjustments to make your subscription form even more appealing, simply revisit the Moosend Form Designer to bring your subscription form to perfection!