How can I publish my subscription form ?

Using our new UI? You might want to check this help article instead.


Once you have created your subscription form and are fully satisfied with its design and setup, it's time to reap its benefits for your business by going ahead and publishing it!

To publish you subscription form, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Publishing step, located on the left side menu.

2. To publish your form on an active Moosend landing page or on your website that is connected with your Moosend account and verified, toggle the Publish on my Moosend Website option to On.

3. Then, select your Moosend website or your landing page from the drop-down list which appears. Note that in order to see a landing page in the list here, you need to make sure that is active and for the websites, they need to be verified.

4. Click on the Embed or Publish to External Platforms tab to to publish your form in 3rd party platforms.

i) Click on the Setup button located next to the Link to your form option.

ii) in the first field, select one of the available domains for your subscription form. 

In the second field, you may, if you wish, edit the rest of your URL path.

iii) Click on the Setup button located next to the Embed your form option.

Note that in case your website is already connected with your Moosend account, it's not necessary to add the provided code to embed your form. You can just use the option Publish on your site as explained above on D1 and D2.

iv) Click on the Copy button to copy the code snippet that appears and then paste it into your website's code.

Note that since this option excludes our website tracking code, any submissions and views for an embedded form will not be counted in its total statistics.