Can I display my Modal Pop-up form when a user visits a page?

Using our new UI? You might want to check this help article instead.


Once you have created your Modal Pop-up subscription form and completed the initial setup, it's time to deal with more advanced settings, such as when you want the subscription form to be displayed.

Follow the steps below to display your form when a user visits a page:

1. Click on the Visibility Settings step, located on the left side menu.SF-Display_on_visit_1.png

 2. Click on the Upon Visit option.
The subscription form will be displayed when someone visits the page, after a set amount of time that you specify.

3. Use the first and second fields (the second field is a drop-down menu) to specify the number of SecondsMinutesHoursDaysWeeks or Months that need to have passed since the visitor last viewed the form.

4. Use the third field and fourth fields (the fourth field is another drop-down menu) to specify the amount of time that should pass before the form is displayed to returning visitors (assuming the criteria previously described have been met).

Keep in mind that you can also choose to display your Modal Pop-up form when a user exits a page, instead!