How can I use the Moosend Landing Pages wordpress plugin to import my landing pages on my wordpress website ?

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The Moosend Landing Pages plugin will allow you to import your Moosend Landing Pages to your wordpress website super easy!

Follow the steps below to do this: 

A. Connecting your Moosend account

1.  Locate and install the Moosend Landing Pages plugin for WordPress. wordpress_landing_pages1.png

2. Find the Moosend menu on the left side of your wordpress admin page and hover or click to find the Connect option. Then, click on the Connect option to connect your Moosend account.wordpress_landing_pages2.png


3. Fill in the login details of your Moosend account.  wordpress_landing_pages3.png


4. Click on the Login button.wordpress_landing_pages4.png


B. Importing landing pages

1.  Click on the Import to Wordpress option on the left side.wordpress_landing_pagesb1a.png

Here you can see a list of all the published landing pages of your connected Moosend account.wordpress_landing_pagesb1b.png 

2. Click on the Import button of the landing page you wish to import to wordpress.wordpress_landing_pagesb2.png

Your Moosend landing page has been imported! You can save it as a draft or publish it on your wordpress website.


C. Editing the imported landing pages

1.  Click on the Landing pages option on the left side.wordpress_landing_pagesc1.png

Here you can see a list of all the imported Moosend landing pages to your wordpress website.


2. Click on the Edit in Moosend button to edit the design of your landing page using the powerful Moosend Landing Page Designer.wordpress_landing_pagesc2.png


3. Make the changes you wish inside the Moosend Landing Page Designer and once you are ready click on the Proceed to Next Step button to save your changes. wordpress_landing_pagesc3.png

You have now been redirected back to your wordpress website and rest assured that all the changes you made have been saved!


D. Changing the URL Settings

1.  Click on the Settings option on the left side.wordpress_landing_pagesd1.png


2. Add a URL pattern for your landing pages.wordpress_landing_pagesd2.png

The default Moosend URL pattern is moosend_landing.

This means that if for example your wordpress website is, the URL of your landing page will look like:   

If you add the value landing as a URL pattern, the URL of your landing page will look like:

3. Click Save Changes to save your changes. wordpress_landing_pagesd3.png

Keep in mind that to in order to implement the changes, after you save here, you need to go to: 1. Settings -> 2. Permalinks -> 3. Without doing anything else, just click the button Save Changes and that is it!