What is the Container Border radius and how can I use it to design my newsletter ?

The true secret of a successful email campaign lies in taking a genuine interest in all its details. That's why when you design your latest newsletter using our super flexible Moosend Editor, you'll find that you can get down to the nitty gritty and bring your newsletter to absolute perfection with ease.

After you've begun defining your newsletter design's structure using the various Containers, you can go into more detail when it comes to the Containers themselves. Each Container you use comes with its own fully customizable group of Container settings.  One of the more interesting customization options is adjusting container roundness using the Container Border Radius.

Let's take a closer look at what it does:

1. Click on the Settings symbol, appearing on the right side of the Container when you place your mouse over it, to open the Container settings.

2. Scroll down the Container settings until you find the Border Radius option.

3. Use the up/down arrows to adjust the border radius- and thus, the roundness -of your Container. Alternatively, type the desired border radius value directly into the area next to the arrows.