How can I display the content of my RSS Campaign using custom HTML?

Using our new UI? You might want to check this help article instead.


Moosend gives you the option to create your own RSS templates in order to display the information from the RSS feed URL that you added on the Campaign Settings of your RSS Campaign. To create your RSS template you can either use the Campaign Editor or your own HTML code. 
All information from the article tags will be repeatedly displayed for as many articles as defined on the size parameter. Please note that you can have a maximum size value of 10.

Let's see how it's done: 

A. The HTML code

#rss:url# <!-- The url to the relevant article page -->
#rss:title# <!-- The title of this article -->
#rss:summary# <!-- The summary of this article -->
#rss:image# <!-- The image URL of this article  -->
#rss:category# <!-- The category of this article  -->
#rss:publishedOn# <!-- The published date of this article  -->
#rss:id# <!-- A unique id for this article  -->

Replace size with the number of articles to be displayed on the dispatched email e.g.



B. HTML code examples

a. The following example will fetch the 5 most recent articles from the RSS feed URL you used.


 b. The following example will fetch the 10 most recent articles from the RSS feed URL you used, which is the maximum number of articles can be displayed.