What reports can I see in Campaign Overview for my RSS or my Repeatable HTML Campaign?

As soon as your RSS or Repeatable campaign is dispatched, the first question that will probably come to mind will be "How many people are looking at my newsletter?". It's only natural to want to know! For this very reason we created our Campaign Overview, which acts as a quick and easy way to learn a lot of things about your campaign as soon as they happen, without having to tackle different statistics on different pages.

The Campaign Overview allows you to see multiple charts reports pertaining to the performance of each newsletter you have sent out.

To see how it works just follow the steps described below:

A. Finding the Campaign Overview

1. Click the Reports button, located on the left side of your Dashboard page.  Campaign Overview Step 1 : Click on the Reports button on the menu

2. Click on the name of the campaign whose performance you want to view.  reports_repeatable_a2.png

3. Click on the Campaign Overview option, on the vertical bar that appears.  reports_repeatable_a3.png

4. Click to open the dropdown with the versions of your RSS or Repeatable campaign.reports_repeatable_a4.png

5. Select the version of your RSS or Repeatable campaign from the dropdown.reports_repeatable_a5.png  

B. Navigating the Campaign Overview

1. Look at the graph containing the Campaign Opened along with the Links Clicked statistics. reports_repeatable_b1.png

2. Click on the available Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly buttons to change the time frame of the graph. 66-CAMPAIGN-OVERVIEW-5.png

3. Check the Campaign Status pie-chart which showcases campaign performance metrics such as the number of emails Opened, Not Opened and Bounced66-CAMPAIGN-OVERVIEW-6.png

C. A brief report analysis
Here are the available metrics found right next to the Campaign Status pie-chart:

  • Unique opens 
    How many unique recipients have opened your campaign. If you have sent a campaign to 500 recipients and half of them have opened it, then the Unique opens is 250. Unique opens do not include how many times a single recipient has opened a campaign - even if the same person opens a campaign 10 times it only counts as one Unique open.

  • Open rate
    This percentage is calculated as follows: Open Rate = Unique Opens / (Total Recipients – Bounces). If you have sent a campaign to 100 recipients and you have 20 unique opens, open rate percentage is 20%.

  • Total opens
    The total number of the recipients that have opened the campaign. If a recipient has opened his campaign 10 times, we calculate 10 total opens and 1 unique open.

  • Bounced rate
    The number of the emails that were not delivered due to a bounce. It's also available as a percentage of bounced over total.

  • Not opened rate
    The number of the recipients that haven’t opened your campaign yet.
  • Forwarded
    Any recipient that finds your campaign interesting might forward it a friend! This metric gives you the total number of the forwards. If a recipient has forwarded your campaign to 3 friends, we will record 3 forwards.

  • Link clicks
    The total number of links clicked inside your campaign.
  • Unsubscribes
    The percentage of the recipients that have clicked on the unsubscribe link automatically included in your campaign. The number of unsubscribes is also available.