How can I edit the Mobile version of my newsletter?

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Moosend's Campaign Editor allows you to work on both the desktop and mobile versions of your newsletter. This way, you can ensure that your campaign always looks perfect, no matter what device your visitors are using to view it!

The Campaign Editor consists of two views: the Desktop Newsletter view and the Mobile Newsletter view. The Campaign Editor is set by default to the Desktop Newsletter view.

A. Editing the Mobile version of your newsletter

To edit the Mobile version of your newsletter, simply switch to the Mobile Newsletter view by clicking the Mobile Newsletter button located towards the top of your Editor page.

Your view will now look like this:

You can now go ahead and edit the Mobile version of your newsletter to your heart's content!
Any changes you make will be applied only to the mobile version of your newsletter - they will not affect the desktop version at all!

However, we found that some devices will ignore the changes made on the mobile version.
These are the following: 

  • Many Android email client versions, including Samsung Mail, will ignore changes made on the Mobile Version.
  • Changing the background color of the mobile version will be ignored on the Gmail mobile app.
  • Gmail has been found to ignore all changes in case too many differences are applied

Rest assured that in the above cases, the desktop version will be applied instead!

B. Editing the Structures and Elements of your Mobile newsletter

Clicking on each Element or Structure of your Mobile newsletter displays their settings on the left side of your Editor page, allowing you to edit each one separately.

In the example above, the element being edited is one of the Image elements contained within the campaign design.

C. Reverting changes

The Mobile Newsletter view allows you to quickly and easily revert any changes you make to the mobile version of your landing page.

1. Revert overall changes while in General Settings.

You have the following options:

  • Revert All Changes
    This option will revert all changes made on the mobile version.

  • Revert General Settings
    This option will revert all changes made on the General Settings of the mobile version.

  • Revert Row Orders
    This option will revert the order of the rows, in case you changed them. 

  • Revert Row Settings 
    This option will revert any changes made on the Row Settings.

2. Revert changes to a specific element (by clicking on that element to open its settings).

D. Cascading blocks

The Mobile Newsletter view allows you the option of displaying the slots of a row vertically, to ensure that your design will never look ugly, even if it is being viewed on a small screen!

1. To enable vertical slot display, scroll down your General settings and click on the button with the three vertical dots.

2. To switch to horizontal slot display, scroll down General settings and click on the button with the three horizontal dots.

Note that the above options, whether you chose vertical or horizontal display, will change the display of slots for the entirety of your newsletter. Alternatively, you also have the option of changing the slot cascading within any single container, through that specific container's settings.

Also note that in order for the slots to be displayed vertically, the email client needs to support the use of media queries. The email clients who support media queries are: