How does the "When someone submits any form or landing page" trigger work?

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A Trigger is the first thing you'll need to set up when designing your Moosend automation - we have several types of triggers available to choose from! The "When someone submits any form or landing page" trigger  will fire your automation when someone submits any Moosend Subscription Form or a form that is included in a Moosend Landing Page.


The only parameter that you need to define for this type of trigger is whether the automation will be triggered every time a contact submits any form, or whether it will be triggered only the first time per contact.


After you're done, click on the Save button to have your trigger ready and waiting inside your workflow.
Keep in mind that this automation will be triggered for Unverified members as well, in case you have setup double-optin for the mailing list that is connected with your form. 

This is the first step on creating an automation which will be triggered whenever someone fills in a specific form! Learning how the available Conditional / Control steps and the available Actions work, will help you finalize your design.