What is the difference between a deleted and an archived member ?

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Moosend offers many clever ways to handle the data inside your mailing lists, whether you want to add or remove/delete members from a list.  When it comes to the second choice, you have two options - you can either archive a member, or delete it completely.

The difference between the two is subtle, but important!


  • Archived members
    An archived member of a mailing list does not count towards its active subscribers or its billing. Further, archived members do not receive any communications occurring after the time that the were archived. However, the past activity of an archived member, on past campaigns, is still available for review.

  • Deleted members
    As with archived members, deleted members of a mailing list do not count towards that list's active subscribers or billing, nor do they receive any communications from that list. However, when a member is delete, all of their previous history is lost and is no longer available for review.