How can I add tags to a member ?

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Once you have created your mailing list, you may find it convenient to add some tags to its' members for internal use. Luckily, adding tags to the members of your mailing list is truly easy and practical.

You can do so either while you are inside the Members tab or while importing new members through the Batch Actions menu. 

Let's see how it's done:


A. Add tags to members while inside Members page

1. Click on the Mailing Lists button, located on the left side of your Moosend account.How_can_I_add_tags_to_a_member_1.png


2. Once inside your mailing list, tap on the Members button. How_can_I_add_tags_to_a_member_2.png


3.  Type in your desired tag name in the field appearing under your member's e-mail and press Enter or just click on the + icon, to add the tag to your member.how_can_I_add_tags_to_a_member_new_3.png


Please note that you can also add an already existing tag to any of your members. Just select the members by checking the corresponding check-box right next to their e-mail and then, on the Add tag drop-down menu appearing, choose the tag of your choosing.how_can_I_add_tags_to_a_member__11.png


4. As soon as you have added a tag to your member, another tag field becomes available right next to the one you have just added. Go ahead and add another tag if you wish!How_can_I_add_tags_to_a_member_4.png


5. If you wish to remove a tag from your member, simply click on the "x' next to it and the tag will instantly be removed.How_can_I_add_tags_to_a_member_5.png



B. Add tags to members while using an import method

1. Once you have imported your contacts via one of the import methods, you can map a column to Add as tag(s) field. This action will automatically transform the data in said column into tag(s) for your subscribers. How_can_I_add_tags_to_a_member_6.png


2. Then, click on Next in order to move forward with your import procedure. How_can_I_add_tags_to_a_member_7.png


After your import is completed, you can check your members' tag(s) inside the Members page of your mailing list. How_can_I_add_tags_to_a_member_8.png

To remove a tag from your member, simply click on the "x' next to it. The tag will instantly be removed.