How can I add members to my Suppression List?

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Suppression list is a list where you should include the members of your list that you never want to be added to it again and to never send them any of your future newsletters. Keep in mind that, after moving said members to this list, you won't be able to ever add them to any of your mailing lists in the future.

Now let's see exactly how you can add members to your Suppression List:

1. Click on the Mailing Lists button, located on the left side of your Moosend account.How_can_I_add_members_to_my_Suppression_List_1.png


2. Click on the name of the mailing list, whose member(s) you wish to add to your suppression list.How_can_I_add_members_to_my_Suppression_List_2.png


3. Once inside your mailing list, tap on the Members button. How_can_I_add_members_to_my_Suppression_List_3.png


4. Click on the corresponding check-box on the left of the member's Email.How_can_I_add_members_to_my_Suppression_List_4.png


5. On the Select Action menu that appears above your member's Email, select Add to suppression list.How_can_I_add_members_to_my_Suppression_List_5.png


Alternatively, you can perform the same action by clicking on the three-dots menu on the right of your member's data.How_can_I_add_members_to_my_Suppression_List_6.png


6. If you would like to check that your member has been successfully moved to your Suppression List, tap on the Settings icon on the right top corner of your Moosend Account and then choose the Suppression List option on the menu appearing.How_can_I_add_members_to_my_Suppression_List_7.pngOnce inside your Suppression List, you can view all the members contained in it.

Moreover, you can permanently delete the members that exist in your Suppression List. 

Also, please keep in mind that any hard bounced or complained members will automatically be moved to your Suppression List as well.