Can I save a Custom Report as a template ?

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Custom Reports are reports that allow you to gather and control all the data needed in order to advance your work, by focusing on specific information that you consider most relevant to your demands.

You can create your own Custom Report and link it to all kinds of metrics through 40 practical widgets, divided in different categories according to their utility.


You also have the option to save a Custom Report that you created as a template, to maintain and take advantage of, without having to make one from scratch. You can do so by following the simple steps described below:

1. After you have set up your Custom Report, click on the three-dots menu on the right and choose the Save as template option.Can_I_save_a_custom_report_as_a_template_new_1.png



2. A message will appear asking you to fill-in the Template Name and the Template Description. After you have done so, tap on the Save button.Can_I_save_a_custom_report_as_a_template_new_2.png


After this procedure, you can view or edit the Custom Report that you created as a template.

You also have the option to load it as a template into any new custom report you may create in the future by tapping on the Select button next to it.Can_I_save_a_custom_report_as_a_template_new_3.png



Alternatively, when creating your new custom report, you can choose the Load a template option on the three-dots menu on the right.Can_I_save_a_custom_report_as_a_template_new_4.png