How can I add a widget in a Custom Report ?

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When creating a Custom Report, you have the ability to monitor all the specific data that you consider essential to your business. Link your report to the widgets of your preference and explore their amazing possibilities. Make sure you benefit from all the different widget categories


Let's see how you can add a widget in your Custom Report:

1. Click on the Reports button, located on the left side of your Moosend Account.how_can_I_add_a_widget_in_a_custom_report_1.png



2. Once inside the Reports page, tap on the Custom Reports option.how_can_I_add_a_widget_in_a_custom_report_2.png



3. Tap on the name of the custom report to which you wish to add a widget.how_can_I_add_a_widget_in_a_custom_report_3.png



4. Click on the Add a Widget button on the top right corner of your Custom Report page.how_can_I_add_a_widget_in_a_custom_report_4.png


5. Select the widgets of your choosing by checking the corresponding check-box or by tapping on their name. When you are done, tap on Add to Custom Report.how_can_I_add_a_widget_in_a_custom_report_5.png



Alternatively, you can add a widget by tapping on the corresponding button displayed at the end of your Custom Report's layout. After that, you can change the layout according to your priorities.how_can_I_add_a_widget_in_a_custom_report_6.png