What is the Designer Preview and how can I use it ?

It's always a good idea, and can be very helpful, to be able to check how your design looks while in the process of fleshing it out. Sometimes it may even prove to be life-saving! That's why the Moosend Landing Page Designer gives you the option of previewing your hard work, and it even allows you to check how your design looks on a computer screen, on a tablet or on a smartphone; this way you can really customize it to look perfect under all circumstances!

To use the Landing Page Designer Preview option, just follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Preview button, located on the top menu of the Landing Page Designer page.

2. Click on any type of device to check the different view options.

Each icon corresponds to a particular device type. You can choose between a computer screen, a tablet or a smartphone.

3. Click on the BACK TO EDIT MODE button on the top left of the Preview page, to return to designing your landing page.

Don't forget that you can always directly edit the mobile version of your landing page as well, to ensure that your design always looks perfect, no matter what device your visitors are using!