What icon styles can I use on Social Follow elements in the Landing Page Designer?

We've made sure that there are enough icon styles to fit your design needs, so let's take a look at what the available options are:

1. The first few are based on very common colour requirements:

Your options are:

  • default
  • blue
  • grey circle
  • grey round thin
  • mint round thin
  • peach circle
  • anthracite square

2. The next round is based on white, but also includes some semi transparent options.

The semi transparent options, depicted with a red background above, make for an easy fit to any colour scheme you might be using. Your options are:

  • white circle
  • white half circle
  • white half roundsquare
  • white half solid
  • white roundsquare
  • white solid
  • white square

3. The last options revolve around black as the main colour.

Once again there are semi transparent options, depicted with a red background above, which can work with any colour scheme. You can choose between:

  • black half round
  • black half roundsquare
  • black half solid
  • black round
  • black roundsquare
  • black solid
  • black square