How do I save my landing page design inside the Landing Page Designer ?

Right! That's why Moosend makes sure you don't lose any of your progress by auto-saving all the changes you make, while enhancing our Landing Page Designer with two different saving options to optimally support your creation progress.

A. Version-control your designs

Save your progress by making drafts at every critical turning point of your design. This practice makes it super easy to go back to a version of your design where you think things looked best. Or, if you are feeling really creative, use the draft creation to make different versions and then compare them to see which one looks best.

If you need to save a draft, make sure you learn the ins and outs of this very cool feature. 

B. Don't start from scratch

Have you just created the perfect landing page design and wish you could simply cut and paste it again and again? Don't go into so much trouble! Just save it as a template instead and use it as the basis for all your landing pages. You can even add it to our Template Library and be the envy of all!

If making a template is what you're aiming for, don't neglect to visit our Template Library for inspiration!