What is a Video element and how can I use it to design my landing page ?

Using our new UI? You might want to check this help article instead.

Video element allows you to add an online video to your landing page. You'll find it along with the other available design Elements in the Elements category on the left side of your Landing Page Designer page.  

Let's see how you can add one to your structure:

 A. Adding a Video

1. Click on the Elements button, located on the left side of your Landing Page Designer page.

2. Drag-n'-drop the Video element, from the Elements list to a container inside the Designer page.

3. Click on the Video element that you just added inside the container.

The Video settings instantly become available on the left side of the Designer page.

 B. Setting up the Video

1. Enter your chosen video's URL into the designated field, and click on the Upload button. 
Your video will appear on the right. 

 2. If the video you have added is a YouTube video, additional settings will appear, so that you specify the way in which the video will play.

The choices are:

  • Autoplay
  • Loop
  • Show Controls

Choose whichever works best with your landing page concept!

3. If you would like your video to not cover the whole area of your slot/structure, you may add some padding to it, using the up/down arrows in the Padding field. In the case that you have also added background color, it will now show around your video as in the example below.

You can also specify the amount of padding by typing the desired number directly into the area next to the arrows.

 Please note that when your subscribers click on the Video cover or the Play icon, they will be navigated to the page you entered in the URL field and not actually start the video inside the landing page.