What is a Social Follow and how can I use it to design my landing page?

After you start defining your landing page's Structure you should also begin adding Elements to it. One of the available element types that you can use in your landing pages is the Social Follow.

Let's see how you can add one to your structure: 

A. Adding a Social Follow element

1. Click on the Elements button, located on the left side of your Landing Page Designer page.

2. Drag-n'-drop the Social Follow element, from the Elements list to a container inside the Designer page.


B.  Connecting your Social Media Accounts

You can remove any unnecessary social media icons and connect the remaining ones to your social media accounts

1. Click on the Social Follow element inside your design.

The Social Settings are now available on the left side of the Landing Page Designer.

2. Click directly on a social media icon, on the Social Settings field, to remove from or add it back to your design.

Removed icons are colored white, whereas active icons are colored blue.

3. Copy each of your social media addresses and paste them in the relevant fields.

C. Customizing the Social Follow element

1. Click on the Background Color field of the Social Settings to select the color that best fits your current design out of a color palette.

The default option is for a transparent background as that is usually the best fit, but the choice is there if your ever need it!

2. Click on the up/down arrows on the Spacing field of the Social Settings to change the spacing between the social media icons in your design. 

3. Select the preferred alignment for your icons from Alignment drop down list. 

Your choices are Left, Center, and Right.

4. Select the preferred icon style option from Icon Style drop down list.

There are several icon style options, so it's worth looking into which one works best for your design.