I don't like my affiliate link! Can I customize it ?

Definitely! You'll need to go to the Links section of your profile and find the tab named Create a custom referral link.



In the first field, you’ll need to add the information that you prefer to be shown in your referral link.

Please note that custom links can only contain numbers, letters, and dashes. They cannot contain any special characters such as question marks.

For example, if your default referral link contains your personal name and you want it to contain your business one instead, you'd want to enter only your business name in that field.



The second field is an optional step in this process. If you don’t fill in the second field your audience will be redirected to our homepage by default.

For example, if you discuss with a business friend and you want to send them our pricing page, you can fill the link of our pricing page in this field.



After you fill the field(s) with the information you prefer, click on the Create button and scroll down. The link you created will appear in the Custom links section for you to copy and use.