Set up a new sender

Our platform gives you the option to add any number of senders to your list. That way you can have different senders for different parts of your list, or for different segments or occasions. There's no single way of going about it, but it's worth being consistent as your recipients might get accustomed to a particular sender and expect to see that name appearing in their inbox whenever you send out an email campaign.

On the other hand, changing senders might motivate any dormant recipients to open your newsletter and renew their interest. It's worth experimenting with.

All you have to do is follow the steps below:

1. Hover your mouse over the Account icon, located on the top right corner of your account, and then click on the Settings tab, on the vertical menu that appears.How_do_I_set_up_a_new_sender1.png


2. Tap on the Senders tab.set_up_a_new_sender_3-new.png


3. Click on the Add new button to add a sender other than the email address you registered with.set_up_a_new_sender_4-new.png


4. Fill in the Name and Email of the sender you wish to add.set_up_a_new_sender_5-new.png Keep in mind that whatever your choice, it will be appearing on the inboxes of your recipients, so you can opt for the safer choice of using your company's name or go with a human name instead if you believe your recipients will react better to a personal touch. Typically, the email address you will be using is the one you have reserved for advertising reasons (e.g., but it can be anything as long as you have access to it.

5. Click on the Save button when you're ready.set_up_a_new_sender_6-new.png

You can always click on the Cancel button if you change your mind.

6. Click on the link contained in the confirmation email you received, on the email address you just registered as your new sender address.set_up_a_new_sender_7-new.png

You will be redirected back to your Control Panel page.

7. Check your Senders list to verify that your new sender has a tick next to it, under the Verified column.set_up_a_new_sender_8-new.png


If that's not the case, then your sender has not been verified. You can learn more about why that might be happening