Organize your campaigns

Once you have created a few campaigns, you may find it convenient to organize them. There are two campaign categories available for you to use: 

Each category includes slightly different filtering options, which you can use in order to organize your campaigns.


Let's look at an example of how you can organize your Regular campaigns:

1. Hover your mouse over the Campaigns tab located at the top of your Dashboard page to reveal the drop-down menu and then click on the Regular option.organize_campaigns_1.png


A list of your existing Regular campaigns appears.organize_campaigns_2.png


You have two filtering options available for your campaigns:

  • Filter by label 
  • Filter by status

A. Filtering by label

1. Click on the Filter by label option located above your list of campaigns.organize_campaigns_3.png


2. Select one of the available labels in the drop-down menu (these will be any labels that you have added to any of your campaigns), to filter your list.organize_campaigns_4.png

The campaigns now displayed will be the ones that have the specific label you filtered by.


B. Filtering by status

You also have the option to filter by campaign status.

1. Click on the Filter by status option located above your list of campaigns, right next to the Filter by label option.organize_campaigns_5.png


2. Select your desired campaign status from the drop-down menu.organize_campaigns_6.png


You have ten campaign status options to filter by:

Filtering by status can provide you with useful information about important actions you may need to take regarding your campaigns, especially if you have created a few too many to remember all of their details.


Please keep in mind that you can always filter your campaigns by date, name, or status, just by clicking on the Date & time, Campaign name, or Status headlines correspondingly. 


C. Searching for a campaign

Use the search bar located above your list of campaigns to type in keywords and quickly find any specific campaign you may be looking for.organize_campaigns_7.png

Alternatively, you can search for a specific campaign by using the campaign ID.

Make sure to check out the many cool design options available to you through the Campaign Editor, enabling you to create beautiful and effective campaigns.