Schedule a campaign and send it whenever you want

While in the process of creating your campaign, you will have the option to schedule the delivery of your campaign on step 6, aptly named Scheduled Delivery. You will be specifically prompted to choose between two options. You can either:

  • Send your campaign immediately
  • Schedule your campaign for a later time

Let's see how you can proceed with each option:


A. Immediate delivery

1. Click on the Schedule Delivery step on the vertical bar that appears during the campaign creation.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_1.png



2. You will notice that the I want to send this campaign now switch is active. By choosing to leave the switch in active mode, you can send your campaign immediately. Please note that you can preview your campaign settings on the next step of the campaign creation before sending it.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_2.png

This will place your campaign on our delivery queue so that it is sent as soon as possible.


3. Click on the Next button to apply your changes and proceed to the next step of the campaign creation.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_3.png


B. Scheduled delivery

1. Click on the Schedule Delivery step on the vertical bar that appears during the campaign creation.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_4.png



2. If you don't want your campaign to be sent now, toggle the I want to schedule this campaign to be sent at a specific time switch into active mode. Please note that you can always change the schedule before sending your campaign.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_5.pngThis will put the campaign on hold, to be sent out at the exact time and date that you specify.


3. Click on the Date and time field.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_6.pngA pop-up window appears by which you can set the exact date and time that you want your campaign to be dispatched.


4. Select the date and time and then click on the OK button.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_7.png


5. Select the appropriate Timezone from the drop-down list.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_8.png

Make sure that you are careful when setting the Timezone as our platform takes into account your Account Settings and the time of delivery. If, for example, you choose to send your campaign at 16:00 and your time zone is GMT+1, then your campaign will be sent at 17:00.

6. Click on the Next button, to apply your changes and proceed to the next step of the process.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_9.png


C. Changing the campaign schedule delivery

 1. To edit the delivery of a scheduled campaign, click on the Edit icon located to its right.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_10.png


2.  Scroll down and click on the Edit option to change the scheduled delivery of your campaign.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_11.png


3. Apply the changes that you want for the scheduled delivery of your campaign and then, click on Next.schedule_a_campaign_and_send_it_whenever_I_want_12.png