Import your campaigns

Moosend offers different options to import the content of your email marketing campaigns. You can always use the Campaign Editor to create and customize your campaign design, but you can also import your campaign from an internet link, HTML files or extracted from a different platform. 

A. Import campaigns from a link

During the campaign creation process, in the Design step, you can toggle the Imported campaign template switch to the On state to enable importing your campaign.import_campaigns_2.png

If you have your campaign already uploaded on a server, you can import it to our platform directly from the internet. Selecting the Link to your campaign lets you copy and paste the address of your campaign. Click Import to continue.import_campaigns_3.png

B. Import campaigns from a file

If you have your campaign design on your computer, you can save the file as an HTML file, zip your HMTL file including all pictures used in your newsletter design, and then import it to our platform. Selecting the Import via a file from your computer lets you click Browse to select the appropriate htm/ Html/ zip file from your computer. Click Import to continue.
Note: The imported file shouldn't exceed 3 MB. import_campaigns_4.png

C. Paste the HTML code

You can also paste the HTML code of your campaign directly to our platform. Selecting the Import via pasting your HTML code options lets you copy and paste your HTML code directly to our platform. Click Import to continue.


Note: You can click Add personalization tags if you want to add personalization tags to your campaign in order to keep it organized.import_campaigns_6.png

E. Use Mailchimp Synchronizer

If you have campaigns saved as drafts on your Mailchimp account, you can always use our Mailchimp Synchronizer to synchronize your account to your old Mailchimp account and bring over the campaigns you have previously sent out. You can also import your draft campaigns and campaign senders and extract your email lists.import_campaigns_7.png